52020 Baron Brewswick on foot

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The Blacke Baron is a familiar sight on the battlefields of half of Valon, the once leader of the prosperous Dutchie of Brewswick is now a general who leads his troops in an eternal battle against the tyrant Mordred. Having taken the small cadre of trained troops that Brewswick had on offer he fought the Elves in several battles including the farcical Battle of Muddstichen where due to freak terrain the Blacke Legion, as the now renegade soldiers were known, managed to defeat a Ferach force some ten regiments larger than their own. Now an outlaw the Baron and his Dwarves marched some hundreds of miles to the coast and escaped the now closing talons of the despotic Ferach overlord. Usually seen in a well made uniform of pure black cloth and a cloak of tan leather the Baron holds his pipe in hand and hurls abuse at those who fail in their sworn duty to kill all the Elves that Armorica can offer.

This pack contains one white metal miniature in 28mm scale approx 23mm tall. A Brewswick Dwarf personality in one piece on foot.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale is Promo2009 Elf Mailman which is 28mm tall.