52604 Legion de Nain Dwarf Division (Pigs) - Save 15%

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A Dwarf Division of the Legion formed from the states of the Confederation ready to fight for the Emperor Mordred.  Riding on Pummilig Pigs. Players of Slaughterloo or those wishing to make a saving to get a big collection in one go will find excellence here.

Save Approx 15% off list prices on this Division! An Entire Slaughterloo Division in a box:

Line Infantry:

2 Units of 20 Legion de Nain Dwarf Line including Officer, Musician, Sergeant, Standard Bearer (52523-U)

1 Unit of 20 Legion de Nain Grenadiers including Officer, Musician, Sergeant, Standard Bearer (52524-U)

Light Infantry:

1 Unit of 12 Legion de Nain Dwarf Skimishers includes Officer, Sergeant, Musician, Standard Beaer (52525-U)


1 Unit of 10 Legion de Nain Uhlans (Lancers) includes Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician (52528P-U)


1 Unit of 6 Legion de Nain Dwarf Artillery Crew includes 2 Limber Pigs (52527P)

1 Ferach Grand Howitzer (59527) includes Limber (59502)


1 Mounted Legion de Nain Dwarf General (52526P-F)

4 Legion de Nain Dwarf Casualties (52022)

Bases: 13 Cavalry Bases 82 Infantry Bases

(In the mono image the numbers refer to: 1. Line Infantry, 2. Line Infantry, 3. Grenadier Infantry, 4.  Light Infantry, 5. Uhlan Cavalry, 6. Gun Crew and Limber Beasts , 7. Howitzer and Limber, 8. Mounted General and 9. Legion Casualties).  The flat image shows painted examples with quantities (not supplied painted).

These miniatures are supplied with our Cartouche Resin Bases at the correct amount and sizes for the miniatures (25mm square for almost all on foot, 25mm by 50mm rectangle for most cavalry and 30mm square for very large creature in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo rule systems. See the picture here) and are supplied unpainted.