54048 Ciele O'Greene

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1 Bog Orc Infantry Character.  Approx 40mm tall.

There is a type of secret that can be known by all but still a secret. That is the secret that nobody speaks. Ciele Green is the third cousin to the Duke of Wheelingturn; though if he were ever to claim it The Duke would have him flogged for insubordination and the big Bog Orc would be made to disappear,and not as a magic trick but a more permanent sort. Related by way of the Duke's Great Uncle Hairy WellsSea a younger son and solicitor who married a lovely red headed Bog orc by the name of Annabel Green, The Duke's father, the Earl of WellsSea, once said of the Greens, "We share a relative but no blood, and Blood will tell."

The Greens were a large family of farmers, smugglers, and the distillers of a drink known as "Guzzlers Green Gin". A staple of the bogs, Guzzlers Green is a drink fermented from peat, oat mash, and juniper berries and distilled over a peat fire. Given that they had been distilling the spirit long before the Albion occupation they felt no obligation to pay the taxes imposed on the drink by authorities and smuggled Guzzlers Green Gin in the false bottoms of flatboats common to the bogs. This untaxed activity tended to color the authority's view of the Greens and trouble by one was trouble by all. Eventually losing their land to the courts and the tax collectors, hard times have come to the Greens and with no help from their more prosperous Albion relative’s more than one member of this family have gotten themselves deported "Up Over" as debt and the hints of rebellion spread by their enemies make it to the ears of the authorities. Hints are enough for deporting but not quite enough for hanging. Gossips wag that it was the family connection to the WellsSeas and the Duke that kept them from the gallows, it being easier to ignore less than reputable relatives sent overseas than a family member who is well and truly hung and deposited in the local cemetery. Deep in the bogs of Guinalea those members of the family that remain still distill the potent brew to the embarrassment of the authorities and the Albion side of the family.

Ciele Green has avoided such a departure by joining up with the 62nd Foot and is trying to survive the army by his wits and being a tougher than normal Bog Orc. To keep his wits about him Pvt. Green is a teetotaler, which means he only drinks half as much as his mates, his favorite drink being a slug of Guzzler's Gin in a cup of Cocoa; which gets him more than a few odd looks as no one can figure out where he gets the cocoa.

There is a complete Flintloque and Slaughterloo profile for this character which you can have by request.

This miniature is supplied with base and is supplied unpainted.