54501A Paddhi Garcia

Alternative Armies

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Paddhi Garcia rose to prominence as commander of the captured cannon in Obidiah's Deserter Army. Garcia had a colourful history prior to joining the band of deserters having fought as a rebel in the Murphess Marshes and served in the Guardias de Infanteria Guinelia of the Dark Elf Emperor Fernando. Having affected many Catalucian traits and habits including wearing a large peasant sombrero, the pseudonym Garcia and speaking with an atrocious accent, the huge Bog Orc deserted the Catalucian regiment when the Ferach arrived. Garcia crossed the path of Obidiah and his Catalucian lingo and his skills were impressive enough to give him command of 'the gun'.

Garcia assumed command of the multi-racial crew (settling any disputes with his mighty fists) and ensured that it became a potent addition to Obidiah's rapidly growing band of villains. Although the gun was crewed by a makeshift band of deserters, Garcia's leadership was so inspirational that in game terms the cannon can use the same stats as a properly trained Ore Artillerie crew.

One 28mm metal miniature.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 54501 Obidiahs Gun for the full set of six with saving.