54501B Gorgie Best

Alternative Armies

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A former private in the 67th Foote and now the bucket handler for the cannon in Obidiahs private army it has been a downward slide for Gorgie Best. A scrawny youth who escaped Guinalea for the cobbled streets of Mudchester where he developed a talent for kicking severed heads over the tops of the roofs of the city's buildings. This talent saw Gorgie playing in the new Footbrawl Albion league for Mudchester Unlimbed and fame came to him. Siring many offspring and quaffing more ale than an Orc has a right to it was not long before he was scooped up by the recruiting sergeants who found him face down in the gutter. He awoke at sea in the uniform of the 67th having not remembered more than a month of training such was has hangover. Best jumped ship and wandered his way to Lyonesse where despite being an Orc he was still popular with the ladies and though Elvish wine is poor compared to ale good times were had once more.

One 28mm metal miniature.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 54501 Obidiahs Gun for the full set of six with saving.