54501C Doll Floundas

Alternative Armies

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The legendary murdress, prostitute, folk heroine and petty thief from Londinium's slum infested rookeries has been the subject of many a ribald pamphlet and like so many of these characters it is hard to tell fact from fiction. Doll joined Obidiah's Army not long after her betrothed, the highwayman Dork Turpin was transported by the arch authorities to the wilds of Oz. A veteran of the rookeries, Doll soon carved her own niche in the Deserter Army (literally with a fish knife she had stolen...) and served notably as the 'fyrer' of their captured Foot Artillerie cannon.

For a groat of two, Doll was never shy with her favours and was popular with the deserters, especially Obidiah, despite the trail of whelps she produced and trailed around her even into battle. Her fortunes are known, the famous arc writer Wullorc Duffoh in his novel; “Three Fortunes & Misfortunes of Thee Famous Doll Floundas” claims she tried to be reunited with Dork, however this seems unlikely and in all probability she would instead stick to the world she knew best; the slums of Londinium. Her brat, called Sol, counts as a large improvised weapon in hand to hand combat if swung by the ankles... 

One 28mm metal miniature.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 54501 Obidiahs Gun for the full set of six with saving.