54501D Sweeney Bob

Alternative Armies

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The legendary Rat gunner was a fugitive from arc justice, having been part of the army of Bob 'Boy' McGroggy that was defeated in the doomed '45 rebellion. Having served as a artilleriest in the rebellion, and gained a useful reputation on account of the skill he displayed in laying guns against the arcs. It was only natural that he was enrolled in the crew of Obidiah's Gun. Despite being wounded on a number of occasions whilst fighting with the deserters, Sweeney Bob survived the period of War (on account he said of being lucky for having been born under a Crescent Moon). He became an assistant to the Joccian ambassador in Londinium, the noteworthy Jock the Knife.

One 28mm metal miniature.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 54501 Obidiahs Gun for the full set of six with saving.