56111 Todoroni Mounted Officer: 'Luca the Newt'

Alternative Armies

SKU: 56111

Luca the Newt.  A famous Nepolise Commander.


1 Mounted Todoroni Officer.This pack contains one mounted Todoroni officer. Riding hippo with saddle and holstered carbine and the rider 'Lucca the Newt' in gilt uniform. Lucca is metal and the hippo is resin.

Luca is a senior Nepolise officer who has served in the Witchlands and before that in Nepolise with the Ferach in opposition to Albion naval forces and landing parties. This is where he lost an eye and gained not only his eye patch but connections with the ruthless Tapioca crime families.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.