56588 Rache Carabiners

Alternative Armies

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This formation of Dogmen fight with the Burrovians in Kartoffelburg and its their aim to kill every Ostarian they can find along with any who are their allies. Experts in skirmishing the Rache can match anything the Grand Alliance can throw at them. The structure this Light Troop battalion is as follows. One battalions composes the Regiment. One thousand Dogmen at full muster and ten companies. Each company has one hundred Dogs which are separated into two Platoons and a headquarters element totaling about fifty soldiers and officers. A Section normally has ten to fifteen Dogs including an Officer, a lesser Officer, a Sergeant, a musician and standard bearer, the rest being Privates. They are armed with a Ferach Carbine and a Bayonet, Officers have a Sword.

The uniform consists of a dark green tunic, grey breeches, a black shako with silver and an orange plume, black shoes. Facing colours (cuffs, collars, etc.) are dark orange. Equipment is black with equipment straps being of white leather.

Here are your choices for Flintloque (Skirmish) and Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm metal miniatures code:

56588-U Twelve Miniatures - Unit Pack 

The poses an officer holding a pistol and hand on sword hilt, a musician blowing a horn, a standard bearer whose pole has a stylised metal Elf Head on its top and a sergeant with spontoon and pistol. The Trooper poses are advancing, loading, marching and lastly taking aim. All are armed with short carbines and wear a 'Hungarian' style bearskin along with carrying a sword. Random multiples of troopers are supplied to make up the 12 in the unit total.

56588-T One Miniature - Trooper Booster

(one random trooper pose from 56588).

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing a unit pack as outlined or a single trooper booster for sampling or extending your existing forces. If you purchase multiple single random troopers we will supply as many different poses of trooper as the code contains before we repeat a pose in your order. All these miniatures are from this code and only the number supplied varies by choice. Select your option on this page. Assembly is required with most miniatures.