56596 Nepolise Mountain Artillery

Alternative Armies

SKU: 56596

The steep snow capped crags of northern Nepolise are the training grounds for gunnery crews which specialise in carrying their cannon into places where artillery is not expected to be. These Todoroni have served in Al-Garvey and in the Witchlands and in fact anywhere that the Ferach seek conquest at the highest heights. For a uniform the Mountain Artillery wear a dark green jacket with white breeches with facings, collars and cuffs being white. Boots and headwear is black and the feather in the cap is pink.

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This set contains 28mm metal miniatures including an officer with match extended, gunner with powder charge, gunner with powder horn, gunner carrying wheel and two poses of kneeling steadying gunners all standing around 28mm tall. This set also contains a small 2lb cannon kit comprising the cannon, two wheels and a powder charge sack. You can choose from a skirmish pack of seven miniatures (all six crew plus the gun) or the same painted and based for immediate use. You can also purchase the cannon kit on its own. 

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.