57032 Towern Marske

Alternative Armies

SKU: 57032

1 Trolkin Character Miniature. This pack contains one Trolkin Civilian in 28mm scale metal.

A useful miniature for many different scenarios and for Trolkin and Trolka forces in the Ferach Empire.  While not a soldier Towern Marske is held in high regard by the whole Skandavian army. Why you might ask? Well its because he runs the vast and profitable ‘Marske’ trading company which is second only to the Honourable East Valonian Company owned by Albion. Marske supplies all of the uniforms, weapons and so on that the Trolls use in battle. This has made Towern very, very rich but he is a fair fellow and wishes the best for the soldiers he supplies. As a result he often accompanies troops into the front lines taking notes before returning to his offices.

This miniature supplied with base and supplied unpainted.