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1 Mounted Trolkin Miniature.

This pack contains one mounted Trolkin Officer atop a Muskox in metal and resin 28mm scale miniatures. Assembly is required. Suitable for leading any Ferach Empire troops especially Trolkin or Trolka this miniature can function as a mounted officer in Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.


Colonel Skand Stoyne
A Living Legend

Colonel Skand Stoyne and his Trolkin hussars rode to the top of the snow swept ridge, and looked across the valley below. Twenty zombie dogmen were lurching towards five Confederation dwarfs. A vampyre and liche stood behind, directing the undead charge. Skand turned to his Hussars and said, “I think we have time for another game of winter polo. Off with their heads!” As one, the Hussars charged towards the undead below.

The Trolkin, Colonel Skand Stoyne, is by far the best winter polo player in Valon. Winter polo is very popular in Skandavia, Copendaz, and Frozelande. It is similar to polo, but the players ride muskoxen or moose, and they use mallets or maces in one hand and a whip in the other, to compete for a ball. Otherwise, winter polo resembles buzkashi.

Skand and his team, the Headhunters, volunteered soon after Copendaz entered the war. Because of their popularity, the Headhunters were kept together as a new unit of Hussars, and Skand was appointed their Colonel. They went to the Witchlands with the Grande Armee.

In the Witchlands, Skand missed playing winter polo. Dejectedly, he swung his mace at a skull as he rode past. The skull bounced down the road ahead. Suddenly, all of the Headhunters’ muskoxen gave chase, to the surprise of their riders. The muskoxen wanted to play, and for them a skull was as good as a ball. Skand grinned, and that evening he created a variant of winter polo that they could play against the undead. The goal of this game was making headshots.

While Colonel Skand usually leads his former teammates, the Headhunters, he is often temporarily assigned to other units in the Grand Armee. A real team player, Skand brings his unique talents to whatever unit he leads, but he is most effective with mounted units, because the Colonel uses winter polo to train and drill the troopers.

Colonel Skand prefers to be mounted on Blueberry, his muskox. Winter polo mounts usually have imposing names like Thunder or Avalanche, but the Colonel let his young niece name this one.

By Mark Lesney
(Mr Lesney won a Notables Yahoo Group competition in August 2012 to create this character's story)