57508 Al-Hazrad the Damned

Alternative Armies

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At the centre of all Othari Divisions is the Al-Hazrad, chained and whipped these cannon fodder soak up the enemies cannon fire while the more valuable formations make their advance in safety.  These are the damned of the Empyre.  Armed with varied weapons and classed as Militia Infantry.

Here are your choices for Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm white metal miniatures code:


57508-U Twenty Four Miniatures - Unit Pack

(officer, standard bearer, three whipper sergeants, musician and five poses of civilian in multiples).

Miniatures in this unit are taken from Flintloque codes: 57017 & 57018 & 57011 & 57016.


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These miniatures are supplied without bases and are supplied unpainted (unless purchased painted and based in which case they will be delivered finished and ready to use out of the box).  You have the option of purchasing a unit pack. You can purchase small amounts by seeking out the codes this pack is made from. Select your option on this page. Assembly is required with most miniatures.  Note that due to their nature our hand painted miniatures may vary from images shown but we maintain a high tabletop standard.