57808U 5er Uhlans de Coltz Regiment

Alternative Armies

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The 5er Uhlans de Coltz are veteran Centaur cavalry classed as Lancers armed with lances.

'It is the fear in their faces that I relish. That fear which comes when they realise who and what we are. Not only their poor slow two legs but their own cavalry as well. Some will turn and run but never fast enough, some will ride in and fight but never well enough. We are the Emperor's finest and all of Urop knows this for who could be better soldiers than those born to ride! I pour scorn on the foe and yay our allies too for they are not good enough. We are proud and with the aid of the Elves we will ride to the very steps of the Dark Czar's throne of skulls to reclaim our serfs and to pierce his bony rump with fine made Coltzen steel'.
Colonel Eryk Ponydura. 5er Uhlans de Coltz

In the Dutchy all of the Cavalry from the lowest to the highest in both ability and rank are Centaurs, it is natural for them to be so, and when added to the fact that no Werewolf can ride a horse you have some of the best Cavalry on Valon. The Lancers of Coltz are feared in all of Urop and beyond and are the bane of all Infantry.

57808-U Ten Miniatures - Unit Pack

This code contains a full unit of ten multi-part 28mm metal miniatures which require assembly. An Officer armed with a sword, standard bearer carrying the eagle of the Emperor Mordred, Musician with horn and a random mix of two Trooper poses armed with lances. A superb and unique species of cavalry which can aid any Ferach Empire fan in their conquests against the Undead or the Orcs of Albion equally. Miniatures in this unit are taken from codes 57808,57813,57814,57815,57816. On average each assembled Centaur stands 65mm tall.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.