58014 Kitoka Villagers

Alternative Armies

SKU: 58014

This pack contains four different 28mm scale metal Kitoka Catfolk miniatures of an average height of 23mm. Villagers populate the land and in many ways suffer the privations of not only roaming yokai and other monsters but also Ronin and cruel Samurai too. 

The poses are: (A) The poses are: (A) Kitoka Youth with water bucket. (B) Kitoka Young Female with fan. (C) Kitoka villager with bag. (D) Elder Kitoka leaning on a staff. Great characters for your table.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack and single miniatures.  Total choice!  Assembly is required with some metal miniatures.

Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.