59007 Cryptmass Goblin House (28mm Scale)

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SKU: 59007

28mm Scale Resin Building Kit.  Restored from 2013's original release!

This code contains one high quality multiple part resin building. Scroll through the pictures for scale comparisons and views.

The Ten Parts are: Front wall, Left wall, Right wall, Rear wall, Roof plus with six skulls and holly wreaths (from three different designs) and a dead Dodo hung by its feet. Totals ten pieces. The snow is part of the building structure.  Easy to assemble.

You have free choice of wreaths and dodo placement with the structure built its dimensions are 100mm tall (including chimney), 60mm wide, 60mm deep.  It is a fantasy festive season building suitable for all 28mm smaller humanoids such as Goblins and Dwarfs.

Cryptmass on Valon is a scary affair for most. Not like on our world where the giving of gifts softens the heart and promotes love to all Men. Oh, no. On the magicke world of Valon the festive season is called Cryptmass for a reason. That reason...the dead rise. From their crypts and coffins for two nightmarish days as Wylde Magicke seeps up from the depths of the world. In more civilised places such as Albion and Krautia there are plans and organised gangs who go, shovel and swords in hand, putting the dead back to rest but in Al-Garvey its a little different. The Goblins and Dark Elves take to their homes and hearths locking doors and windows and taking the teachings of the Catatonic Faith wait out the scratching at the shutters. Goblins often hang a dead Dodo outside their door in an effort to distract the risen dead. Silly really...how would they cook it?

The buildings are Al-Garvey are much like those of their neighbours in Catalucia. Crudely built stone structures with ceramic pan tile roofs and heavy wooden doors. Their main difference from the Dark Elves of Catalucia is in their size. Being made for Goblins their doors and windows are smaller than would be comfortable for larger creatures. That does not however stop the blue coated Elves of Armorica who occupy parts of Al-Garvey from squeezing themselves into the diminutive rooms.

Kit supplied unassembled and unpainted. Assembly is required. Note any miniatures shown not of this code are for scale only not supplied.