7101 Alamorque Characters II

Alternative Armies

SKU: 7101

This code contains two 28mm scale metal characters. Dark Elf leader Santa Hanna and Halfling Davvy Crockorc.

Davvy Crockorc
Texecas may be helle but I is going there! There are few as known as Crockorc in the whole of Amerka. Politician and hunter, rumoured to have several wives in
different stattes he has done it all. Special Rule: ‘Kyng of da Wylde Frontear’. Crockorc is unique as an Orc- Halfling, his mother being of Orcish stock. He is treated as a Halfling in all cases except he has three additional wounds (4 in total) and gives his section an additional +1 to Initiative (above all other modifiers). Halfling / Legend / Scout. Armed with a Knife and a Kolt Pocket Pistol. Points Cost (with all equipment and any special rules etc): 56

Santa Hanna the Generalissimo
Military ruler and governor of the Eldoradan provinces, Santa Hanna is determined that the Unified Stattes and especially Texecas should bow to the might of the Elves. Special Rule: ‘Supreme Araganto’. No one tells the Generalissimo that he is wrong and this leads to all friendly troops within 30cm suffering a -1 to Morale tests. Also if mortally wounded roll a D10 for him, on a 5+ he has weaseled death and is resurrected with 1 wound. This may be done any number of times. Dark Elf / Experienced / Regular. Armed with a Sword and perkussion pistol. Points Cost (with all equipment and any special rules etc): 34


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