7120 Wendigo (A monstrous creature)

Alternative Armies

SKU: 7120

“A malign and evil monster which comes from the ice flows and from the forests to consume the flesh of living creatures and to cause them madness and in possession of their minds make them commit heinous acts.”

This pack contains one 28mm scale metal and resin model. Supplied in five pieces these being the lower body and legs, the upper body, the head and two arms.  A degree of pose choice in arm and head positioning is possible.  Sculpted by John Bell.

When assembled the model stands 40mm tall, 50mm long.

Our painted version here was chosen to be a woodland not ice Wendigo composed of rock and vegetation rather than snow and tundra.  Its guts are superheated!

In the Frontear rule book the spelling is 'Wyndigoe' so as to avoid confusion with another interpretation of the creature such as that by Algernon Blackwood in 1910 and so forth.

Please note that this miniature is supplied unpainted and without base (shown on our 50mm square base). Some assembly is required.  Check out a scale shot of other miniatures not supplied.