ALTS00 Alternia Full Set (with Saving) and original Alternia included free

Alternative Armies

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“Our Mascot in all her Incarnations”

Thirteen Miniatures (one free) with a Saving.

Alternia is Alternative Armies mascot and this value set gives you every version of her.  Twelve 28mm metal miniatures each with its own theme was given away freely in orders during a month of 2022.  This set also includes the original Alternia High Fantasy Barbarian miniature which was the concept for all that followed.  This thirteenth miniature is included for free! 

If you wish to know more about each of the miniatures then seek it as a single code. Contents are:

ALT000 Alternia the Barbarian (original model)

ALT001 Alternia the Highlander (January 2022)

ALT002 Alternia the Landsknecht (February 2022)

ALT003 Alternia of Erin (March 2022)

ALT004 Alternia Easter Girl (April 2022)

ALT005 Alternia Future Warrior (May 2022)

ALT006 Alternia of the Ion Age (June 2022)

ALT007 Alternia Black Powder (July 2022)

ALT008 Alternia Beach Huntress (August 2022)

ALT009 Alternia Steam Punk (September 2022)

ALT010 Alternia the Witch (October 2022)

ALT011 Alternia Cyberpunk (November 2022)

ALT012 Alternia Gift Giver (December 2022)


These miniatures are not supplied with bases (shown on 30mm round bases) and are supplied unpainted.  Any other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.