AS028 War Bot II twin rotary cannon (40mm tall) (Free auto in orders shipped until 9th May)

Alternative Armies

SKU: as028

This miniature is put for free automatically into every order shipped out by us, at the rate of one per order, until 9th May 2024.  You need only order.  See this ARTICLE for details.


War Bot II is armed with two rotary cannon in arm mounts and a powerful comms array. The model is made of high quality resin and metal and comes in five pieces ( Legs, Upper body, left cannon, right cannon and ariels). Easy to assemble it stands 40mm tall to top of the model.  You can pose the upper torso on the legs at several angles.

Use this miniature in any game system of your choosing.

This miniature is not supplied with base and is supplied unpainted.  Assembly is required. Painted images shown on a 30mm round base (code 59525).  Shown with an Alternate Stars 28mm miniature, a HOF 15mm SFA Miniature and a 6mm Bradley Miniatures stand of infantry.