CC0 Creatures of Chaos Set (Nine Miniatures with Saving)

Alternative Armies

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28mm Scale

The complete set of nine metal miniatures that make up the Creatures of Chaos with a small saving off single prices.  Chaotic creatures for your warband and foes for your heroes.

Use this in any game system of your choosing.

CC1 Running Hornhead (35mm total height)
CC2 Many Armed Skulker (30mm total height)
CC3 Hawk Footed Stabber (40mm total height)
CC4 Hoofer Bladesman (30mm total height)
CC5 Crabclaw (40mm total height) 
CC6 Trunkhand Tuskoid (40mm total height)
CC7 Four Fang (35mm height, 45mm long)
CC8 Hideous Octopoid (28mm total height)
CC9 Crested Weremonkey (23mm total height) with Separate Wings

Sculpted by Nick Bibby, Jez Goodwin and John Blanche.  Professional Painted Examples shown painted by Studio Maxi.

Miniatures not supplied with bases and supplied unpainted.  Painted images shown on a 25mm square bases (code 59021) and 40mm square bases (HOTT 2nd ed base size D).  Shown with other miniatures for scale purposes only.