CM18 Mac Nessa Ard-Ri (The High King set)

Alternative Armies

SKU: cm18

28mm Scale

Mac Nessa son of Cathbad and Ness the high king of Ulster and leader of the sons of Mil.

Three Erin metal miniatures supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required) and without a base.  The King upon shield, two bearers to hold aloft the shield.  Assembled it is approx 45mm tall.

You can purchase the pack or select parts from it on this page.  Choose the two bearers or the high king atop the shield.

The Milesians are a numerous people with many kingdoms, they fight for territory or for revenge but often their Heroes will undertake a Legend of the sublime kind an 'Eric' or near impossible task.  Latecomers to the land of Erin they take their place among the races of conquest.