CM26 Streng of the Iron Club (Hero of the Fir Bolg)

Alternative Armies

SKU: cm26

28mm Scale

Streng greatest hero of the the Fir Bolg or 'Men of Bolg'. Armed with an iron club he faced the hero Nuada in the first epic Battle of Moy Tura and with one great blow he cut off half his shield and severed Nuada's arm at the shoulder. Although nearing defeat, Streng and the three hundred surviving Fir Bolg vowed to fight to the last man. Their enemies however considered them so noble that they offered them one fifth of Erin to cease the battle. The Fir Bolg agreed and stood down from the conflict.

A single Erin metal miniature supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required) and without a base.  This miniature is taller than other Fir Bolg and stands 30mm tall.

The People of the Bag were early and late comers to Erin.  Distrusted and distrusting they shun most and at times ally with the hated Fomorians.  Fierce fighters they wear little armour and beat their blades against wicker shields.