CMB1 Sidhe Warband (10 Miniatures)

Alternative Armies

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28mm Scale

A Sidhe Hero with Champion leading eight Warriors.  A great place to begin your collection.  Save 10% off regular price meaning one miniature free.

Ten Erin metal miniature supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required) and without a base.  Taken from codes CM1,CM2 and CM3.  Types will be supplied (Hero, Champion, Warriors) but exact poses may vary from those shown.

The Sidhe are a whimsical race. What seems trivial to a Man they find significant, what Man mocks they cherish. To a Sidhe Hero even the pursuit of a poignant tune can be a lauded quest.  Clan Warriors make up most of their warband alongside a couple of Champions and of course a Hero of legend.