CMB2 Fomori Warband (10 Miniatures)

Alternative Armies

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28mm Scale

Mighty Fomorian Hero Norc with Spellweaver Champion, two Pucci leading six Warriors.  A great place to begin your collection.  Save 10% off regular price.

Ten Erin metal miniature supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required) and without a base.  Taken from codes CM4,CM5,CM13 and CM16.  Types will be supplied (Hero, Champion, Warriors) but exact poses of unnamed miniatures may vary from those shown.

The Formori are the sea dwellers who come to the land to conquer, with little in the way of lofty ideals, it is for avarice and cruelty that they quest.  Terror from the waters of Erin.  Fomori grow in stature as they age with Pucci being the smallest and the mighty elder Heroes the largest.