DH3 Fnorr the Big'un (50mm Demi Giant)

Alternative Armies

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"Let me tell you a story and you have to promise me that you won't tell another soul. Promise? Good. Well there was this Dwarf by the name of Bergsteiger who staggered out a tavern full of ale, you know the way, then he vanishes and is not seen until mustering the next morning. We asked him what he had been up to but he just said that he had scaled the heights. I put it down to the drink and left it at that and once the campaign was over and the war done we went back to the hold. Years passed and we battled Orcs, Elves, Men and others and Bergsteiger rose in the ranks. Seemed he would rule the hold but then there was a thunderous knocking at the doors. Not an assault mind you but a visitor. I didn't answer but I heard what came next. Outside a giantess who in a single movement pushed the biggest youngling I have ever seen into our midst. She said but one thing before she stomped off. Tell Bergsteiger that the tree says the acorn is his charge now. Well I am no one to tell stories but after that day well we all had a new respect for Bergsteiger, a huge asset in war, and the climbing skills of Dwarves!"

This code contains one classic metal miniature which towers over Dwarves and Men alike.

Pose (height 50mm) in this code is as follows:

DH3-01: A demi-giant offspring holding a fallen tree wearing a helmet and the features of both Giants and Dwarves.

Note other miniature shown for scale (24mm) and is not supplied. This miniature is not supplied with a base and are is supplied unpainted.