EB02 Sidhe Warband

Alternative Armies

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This pack contains ten 28mm miniatures from the Erin range.  It is a complete starter warband to get you going in the game.

Sidhe Warband includes a Hero, a Champion and eight Warriors.  From codes ER08,ER09,ER10.  There is a saving over purchasing the miniatures in their normal packs in this warband code.


The Sidhe are a whimsical race. What seems trivial to a Man they find significant, what Man mocks they cherish. To a Sidhe Hero even the pursuit of a poignant tune can be a lauded quest.


This code is supplied without bases and is supplied unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing one pack or purchasing three packs at a 10% discount.  Select your option on this page.  Assembly is required with most miniatures.