EB03 Formorian Warband

Alternative Armies

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This pack contains eight 28mm miniatures from the Erin range.  It is a complete starter warband to get you going in the game.

Fomorian Warband includes a Hero, a Pucci and six Warriors.  From codes ER11, ER12, ER13, ER14.  There is a saving over purchasing the miniatures in their normal packs in this warband code.


The Formori are the sea dwellers who come to the land to conquer, with little in the way of lofty ideals, it is for avarice and cruelty that they quest. Terror from the waters of Erin and other lands too.


This code is supplied without bases and is supplied unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing one pack or purchasing three packs at a 10% discount.  Select your option on this page.  Assembly is required with most miniatures.