EH08 Flower of Evil II (Monster Plant suitable for all scales) (Save 50%)

Alternative Armies

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A Monster Plant

“My mind!  The colours are not colours at all and my flesh tears without moving.  This thing, this plant has control over me.  No I will not harm myself; must resist.  What harm could this gun I hold do to me after all bullets feel so good as they caress me.”

You can use it in 28mm in 15mm or 6mm as it sizes its threat to your other miniatures. Horror Games, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Plant Wars (they are Triffic!) and more. One piece resin miniature standing 47mm total height.

Other miniatures shown are for scale comparison only and not supplied.

As for the name...well I was asked in the office. I am a big fan of the awesome guitar man Lesley West of 'Mountain' fame. The miniature is named after one of their albums! GBS