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Erin Rule Book and 16 28mm Scale Miniatures and 2 x D6 Dice. Complete Starter Game Pack.

Note you can choose a normal pack or a pro-painted and based ready to play right out of the box pack. Choose in the product options.

28mm Celtic Mythology. Erin the game of Celtic Myth!

Skirmish level, character based, wargame for use with Alternative Armies 28mm Celtic Mythology miniatures. Single games or linked play, campaigns and detailed narrative of the Irish Invasion Cycle.

The legendary time of the Invasion Cycle in Ireland or as she was called Erin. Create a Warband led by a Hero and a number of Champions and a group of followers. Recruit Enchanted Animals and Monsters along with abilities and Druidic Magic to assist you in your stuggle. Choose from the evil Fomori devils of the northern seas, the magical Sidhe faerie warriors of the deep ground, the Fir Bolg warriors of great strength, the Nemedians stag headed men of the forests or lastly the Milesians the human celtic who would come to populate all of Erin.

Erin 2nd Edition has an easily learned 2D6 based rules system that is scenario driven with a normal game lasting between one and two hours in play. The game book features full rules, no need for expansions, create and advance your characters and creatures using a full points and warband and hero generation system. Also a full Druidic Magic system and all needed rules for Chariots, Horses, Gods, Enchanted Animals and Monsters. A full and detailed narrative of the history of Erin and sections detailing the nature of each of the five main peoples of Erin. Includes three made scenarios and a short section for inclusion of a fictional Roman Invasion of Erin. Generate scenarios, the landscape and even the weather and then use the mini campaign section to manage your warband between games.

The Rule Book and sixteen miniatures along with 2D6. Miniatures are a Sidhe Warband and a Fomorian Warband. Complete starter game pack.