FL24-03 Kalene Barbarian Priestess

Alternative Armies

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"The tribe chose her for her strength.  Kalene had killed the fearsome one eared snow panther which had carried off old and young alike. Now she leads the warriors into battle with a stone blade and the skull of Dargara the maimed wrapped with fur from the panther. Her magics are growing and the blood of foes spilled feeds that growth!"

This female miniature is great in any 28mm scale game system or RPG system as a character.  Inspired by the classic 1980's fantasy films and the Torture Chamber range here on our website. Pose in this code are as follows:

FL24-03:  Half nude barbarian with stone dagger and skull standard.  Stands 28mm tall. 

This miniature is not supplied with a base (shown on a 25mm square cartouche base) and is supplied unpainted.  Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.