GRNP09 Klorzid Plants pack and singles

Alternative Armies

SKU: grnp09

Feed Me Seymour!  Show me some love with those roses!
Klorzids are sentient vicious plants which are great in any game system in 15mm or 28mm scale where green things bite back. This pack gathers together single codes GRN66 to GRN71 for a total of six metal miniatures of six different poses. Standing 7mm to 25mm tall they have teeth and they have rose weapons too.
GRN66 Klorzid New Seedling in Pot
GRN67 Klorzid Sapling with Flower Staff
GRN68 Klorzid gaping mouth attacking
GRN69 Klorzid big teeth with Flower Staff
GRN70 Klorzid with three heads
GRN71 Klorzid wrapped around Flower Staff

This code is supplied without bases and unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing one pack or purchasing three packs at an additional 10% discount applied over single poses.  You can select your option on this page.

A free USEME 15mm Science Fiction scenario to download from us called 'Rose and Thorn' set on Valentines Day 2042 can be had by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!