HOB1 15mm Human Starter Saver Settlement (5 Buildings)

Alternative Armies

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15mm Scale Models

This set of high quality very detailed resin buildings contains five different 15mm scale single pieces. These give you a settlement which is suitable for any campaign. No assembly required. The set contains a Small Hovel, a Big Hovel, a Small House, a Tall House and a Large House. Every building is loaded with great little features and can be arranged in countless ways on your wargaming table. 

Save 5% off separate prices of each building in the set. 

Scroll through the images on this page to see many views and scenic set ups of these buildings.

For full details of all buildings see the separate product codes for these. Here are the dimensions of every building in the set. 

Small Hovel: 35mm wide, 40mm deep, 40mm tall to apex of roof.
Big Hovel: 60mm wide, 40mm deep, 35mm tall to apex of roof.
Small House: 45mm wide, 60mm deep, 65mm tall to top of chimney.
Tall House: 40mm wide, 50mm deep, 95mm tall to apex of roof.
Big House: 65mm wide, 50mm deep, 75mm tall to apex of roof.

Supplied Unpainted.