HOB1B 15mm Big Hovel

Alternative Armies

SKU: hob1b

15mm Scale Model

This 15mm scale one piece highly detailed resin building requires no assembly.

Suitable for any campaign it depicts the dwelling of those one up from the lowest rung of the housing ladder. A straw roof with wattle and daub walls intersected by crude wooden beams. A stone step lead up to a stout wooden door with iron hinges and detailing and there are two windows with shutters also on the front. A single glass window on the rear and another with wooden shutters closed. There is a shuttered window on one side and an open chimney with wood surround upon the roof.

This building is 60mm wide, 40mm deep, 35mm tall to apex of roof. Miniatures shown in picture for scale only not included and are from the Medus range.

Supplied Unpainted.