HOF158 Grey Alien Hostile World Armour

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof158

15mm Scale Miniatures

5 Miniatures in five different poses.  Grey Alien Soldiers clad in powered armour suits suitable for operating on hostile worlds be they natural or intelligent threats.  Being a short race a Grey climbs into the suit which extends its arms and legs giving greater height, speed and strength.  They carry more powerful weapons than a Grey could typically manage.  Each miniature is approx 20mm tall.

HW Armoured Grey with Heavy Energy Rifle lowered (A), HW Armoured Grey with Support Heavy Energy Rifle firing (B), HW Armoured Grey with Heavy Energy Rifle shouldered (C), HW Armoured Grey firing Heavy Energy Rifle (D) and HW Armoured Grey with helmet removed aiming heavy energy pistol (E).

Choose from a pack of miniatures or select parts of the pack.  Components of the pack are described in the drop down menu.  Please adhere to the description as it may not match the order of miniatures in images of single miniatures.

Grey Aliens are an enigmatic race of small, bulbous-headed, and highly intelligent aliens, the Greys are primarily scientists rather than soldiers, but sometimes come into conflict with other races when competing for resources, or when seeking to establish possession of a particular site for temporary and mysterious purposes. Their unauthorised experimental activities on live subjects who have usually been abducted can also provoke a hostile military response from races who have been subjected to such intrusions.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Shown on 20mm round bases and with other codes for scale purposes which are not supplied.