HOF159 Grey Alien Human Thralls

Alternative Armies

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15mm Scale Miniatures

This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal Humans in a mix of five different poses. Thralls controlled by cyber implants to serve their masters with no regard for themselves. Each miniature is approx 14mm to eyeline in scale with the rest of the HOF Range.  These are city dwellers, teens and generally smaller Humans conquested into the Grey's army.

Human Male bare chest with SMG (A), Human Male running with combat shotgun (B), Human Female leaning back with rifle (C), Human Female tank top with heavy weapon (D) and Human Male walking with automatic shotgun (E). 

Choose from a pack of miniatures or select parts of the pack.  Components of the pack are described in the drop down menu.  Please adhere to the description as it may not match the order of miniatures in images of single miniatures.

“The Zeta's were tough to take down. Death Rays and fusion beams but we took them. Your asking me about regret? We got them off the Earth and I don't feel a thing for all the almond eyes I blew away. But. The Cyber Thralls. Men, women and kids with metal grafted into their skulls coming at us with bare hands and little else. That keeps me awake nights. How many? I don't want to know how many I killed.” - K.Justin Sergeant 207th SFA Regiment 2083.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Scale picture for your reference (not included).