HOF162 Grey Alien Arachnid Soldiers (4 Kits)

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof162

15mm Scale Miniatures

A pack containing four different metal miniature kits.  Arachnid Suits with six posable legs holding up a Grey Alien with control back pack.  Grey Alien with Neuro Flayer Rifle (A), Grey Alien with support size Death Ray (B), Grey Alien with Energy Rifle held across his chest (C) and Grey Alien with Energy Rifle lowered (D).

Each kit contains seven pieces and stands about 40mm tall when assembled. Choose a pack of four miniature kits on this page.  See HOF1623A for single choices.

Arachnid Suits give the diminutive Greys a lot more mobility and allow them to traverse rubble and scrub land at a pace which no other infantry could match. A high vantage point gives easy targeting and Humans have been known to run away screaming at the sight of all those metal legs.  Spiders on Zeta Reticuli have six legs it is us on Earth who are odd with eight legged spiders..who knew!

Grey Aliens are an enigmatic race of small, bulbous-headed, and highly intelligent aliens, the Greys are primarily scientists rather than soldiers, but sometimes come into conflict with other races when competing for resources, or when seeking to establish possession of a particular site for temporary and mysterious purposes. Their unauthorised experimental activities on live subjects who have usually been abducted can also provoke a hostile military response from races who have been subjected to such intrusions.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly is required.  Scale image with Grey Alien which is not supplied.