HOF197 Star Merc Command

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof197

15mm Scale


This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of five different poses with at least one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Star Merc command poses in bulky armour.

You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page in any quantity you wish. They are from left to right by pose:  Senior Officer with carbine and pistol (A), Medic with Gear (B), Tech Trooper with Gear (C), Comms Trooper (D) and Junior Officer with carbine and pistol (E).

Star Mercs: Unlike the Rim Mercs who will serve any colony who can raise the coin the Star Mercs take on more 'discerning' clients. Often giant corporations or governments who want populations contained or calmed. Clad in impact armour and helmets they make use of projectile weapons and energy weapons alike.

This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with all other Star Mercs many other Human codes.