HOF23 Corporate Ashigaru Troopers II

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof23

15mm Scale

10 Miniatures. This pack contains ten metal 15mm miniatures human males dressed in cyberpunk neo-japanese armour taken from the following poses from left to right in the image. Trooper running with SMG, Trooper with SMG throwing a grenade and Trooper kneeling with SMG. Every pose is in the pack in fairly equal amounts. Alongside HOF76 this pack is your core infantry for Corporate Ashigaru. Useful with any near future force or Cyberpunk setting plus our own UM011 USE ME Cyberpunk wargame rules. 

Choose from a pack of miniatures or select parts of the pack.  Components of the pack are described in the drop down menu.  

Far Eastern Corporate Mercenaries 
Human mercenary armies belonging to the wealthy clan corporations of the Earth’s far east, where profit is king, and the maintenance of a precarious balance of power within their sphere of influence is the primary motivation of the clan masters. This political world encompasses galaxies, and clans both great and small, who will often consider selling their services to other human, or even alien powers for even a small, calculated advantage. Their dominance has been based on the adherence to a strict hierarchy and cultural code of honour that even their most humble warriors are expected to obey.


All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.