HOFP09 Star Merc Platoon Pack - Value Pack

Alternative Armies

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SKU: hofp09

15mm Scale

A value pack containing one of every pose of the Star Mercs. A sampler if you will or the ultimate skirmishing character pack. A total of twenty five different miniatures all from codes HOF193,HOF194,HOF195,HOF196,HOF197.

Command, Support, Troopers, Assault and Shotguns. Save 10% off single miniature purchase. A great way to get into this force.

Star Mercs

Unlike the Rim Mercs who will serve any colony who can raise the coin the Star Mercs take on more 'discerning' clients.  Often giant corporations or governments who want populations contained or calmed.  Clad in impact armour and helmets they make use of projectile weapons and energy weapons alike.  Use them in your wars!

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.