HOT103 Cockatrice

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot103

15mm Scale Model

"In the legends of old England at Wherwell there is a creature sized of a great cart horse known as the Cockatrice. The egg of a Cock incubated by a Snake will give birth to a monster which will grow into that with the head of a Cock, the body of a great Bird, the tail of a Serpent and wings of a leathery beast of the air. It could be prevented by tossing the devil egg over a loved home without it striking beam and landing upon the other side to smash. But in battle this monster must be avoided in its glare and in its touch for it can cause death with the 'darting eye' and with its poison breath and axe like beak. With sword and might or with that most precious of things a mirror will you defeat the Cockatrice."

This pack contains all of the 15mm scale metal parts needed to assemble one monster. Supplied in three pieces the monster is 25mm tall and 25mm long when assembled. Perfect for use in any generic or specific fantasy setting as part of an Evil aligned force.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly is required.

Images showing other codes are for scale only and not supplied. Search by codes if you wish to see them.  28mm Cockatrice shown for comparision.