HOT105 Dungeon Gear 15mm Fantasy Scenics

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot105

15mm Scale Miniatures

Great for 15mm Fantasy Wargaming!

This pack contains a random but even mix of fourteen 15mm scale metal pieces taken from nine different scenic miniatures. In this pack are four different grave markers, two different loot piles and three different treasure chests all of which are ideal for use as dungeon quests, dioramas, base or element decoration and for scattering on your wargames table or tiles. All are single piece castings and can be applied in many different ways.

You can purchase a pack, or selecting from the drop down product menu on the page a choice of single sprues taken from the pack if you wish only for certain types of items from the pack.

Suitable for any 15mm system for fantasy and even historical in many cases too.

In our scale shot you can see an evil knight (17mm tall) on a 20mm square base) standing among the scenics to give you an idea of their size. This miniature is from the HOT104 Anti-Paladins pack.