HOT124 Armoured Elf Beast Masters

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot124

15mm Scale Miniatures

Great as single characters or the pack can be used to beast masters and hounds to any of your other Elf units and forces. The miniatures require no assembly. This code contains sixteen metal 15mm scale miniatures in the following mixed poses:

Elf Beast Master striking with whip x 2.

Elf Beast Master pointing with coiled whip  x 2.

Large Hound standing x 6.

Large Hound attacking x 6.

As with all HOT 15mm Fantasy codes you can purchase one pack or you can choose a sampler which gives you one of each pose of miniature from this pack; a great way to try or to make skirmish forces with HOT.

With this code you may also select the option of a sampler of four mixed Hounds only if you wish to boost your collection.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.