HOT133 Lizardman Behemoth

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot133

15mm Scale Miniature

“Arrows cannot pierce its hide and the blades of Men make no impact. The flesh and bones of the warm blooded foes are crushed and torn by its mighty limbs and teeth. Our horde follows in its wake and the world will be ours. We hail, you must hail and fear our Behemoth!”

This code contains one metal miniature. Wearing a belt and a headdress of skulls with a maw of razor sharp teeth and wielding a large wooden club with stone head. A hero or champion or even a god for your evil or Lizardman army.

The miniature is supplied in three pieces (body, upper and lower jaws); it is 40mm tall to top of head and 55mm tall to top of the club it is holding. Easy to assemble. Supplied unpainted and unassembled shown on a 50mm square base.