HOT29 Eagle Lord

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot29

15mm Scale Miniature

“From atop their aeries the great Eagles look down upon the laid out lands. Their eyes see far and their majestic wings cover leagues in minutes while their beaks can carry a man off in death or in rescue.”

This code contains one metal kit.  Composes of three pieces and once assembled stands 40mm tall to the top of the wings.  This is a re-mastered model which is now easier to build and finer finish.

The Eagle Lord goes excellently with High Elves and other good orientated armies.  See codes such as HOT10, HOT11, HOT123 and HOT9 for example.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Some Assembly required with miniatures.  Other miniature (HOT116) shown for scale and not supplied.