HOT32 The Sphinx

Alternative Armies

SKU: hot32

15mm Scale Miniatures

This code contains one metal monster.

The Sphinx is a great monster to add to your collection. Our one is based on the Greek Myths with the upper body of a woman, the wings of an eagle, lower feathered body of a lion and a serpent like barbed tail. Chaotic by alignment but bound by the unbreakable rule that it must ask a riddle of its intended victim before devouring them if they answer incorrectly the Sphinx is a guardian for your temples of the dead or treasure crypts.

Assembled the monster stands about 35mm tall and is supplied unpainted in three white metal pieces (body and two wings).

The images here show HOT32 The Sphinx from all angles and the last image shows it with a 15mm tall miniature from the FST02 TTF Human Skirmish pack for scale (this miniature is not supplied with this code).

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly is required.