HOTR05 Trolls (Resin Sprue) Pack, Sprue or Bundle

Alternative Armies

SKU: hotr05

15mm Scale Resin Miniatures on a Sprue

This code consists of a one piece sprue in resin with two different 15mm scale Trolls upon it.  Great for adding muscle to your Orc Horde.

Choose from the 'pack' which is four of the same sprue (8 miniatures) or a 'sampler' which is one sprue (2 miniatures) or the 'bundle' which is sixteen of the same sprue (32 miniatures) with a bigger saving.

Each sprue is one piece which will require the removal of the figures from it. This is done with ease with a sharp blade. See the sprue in the second image.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.