HOTT1009 Reptilian Tribe

Alternative Armies

SKU: hott1009

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Lizardman Army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale metal.

This code contains the following miniatures:

1 Lizard Hero (HOT44)
6 Lizards with Swords HOT45)
6 Lizards with Spears (HOT46)
3 Lizards with Maces (HOT44)
25 Toadspawn Warriors (HOT62)
1 Giant Hydra (HOT35) 

This Army Pack contains all needed element bases.

Hero General (The Axe Wielder) @ 4AP (1) (1 Greater Lizardman,axe)(C1)
Behemoth (The Hydra) @ 4AP (1) (1 Multiple-headed Monster)(B1)
Spears (Greater Lizardmen) @ 2AP (2) (6 Large Lizards, spears)(E2)
Blades (Greater Lizardmen) @ 2AP (2) (6 Large Lizards, 2-handed sword)(E2)
Sneakers (Greater Lizardmen) @ 3AP (1) (3 Large Lizards, mace)(D1)
Hordes (Spawn Warriors) @ 1AP (5) (25 Spawn hatchlings, spear)(C5)

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and with element bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.