HOTT1020 Orc Tribe

Alternative Armies

SKU: hott1020

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Fantasy army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT and TTF Range and are 15mm scale metal and sprue resin.

This code contains the following miniatures:

HOT90 Orc Catapult with crew (2)
HOT91 Orc Magician with two HOT91 Guards (3)
HOT91 Orc Hero along with Standard, Drummer (3)
550 Manticore Young (4)
HOTR04 Orc Boar Riders (12)
MDA20C Mountain Orc with Spear (8)

This Army Pack contains all needed element bases. 

Artillery @ 3AP 1 (Catapult with two Orc Crew) (B1)
Magician @ 4AP 1 (Orc Shaman with two Guards) (B1)
Warband (General) @ 2AP 1 (Orc Hero with two Followers) (C1)
Beasts @ 1AP 1 (Four Manticore Young) (B1)
Riders @ 2AP 2 (Three Orc Boar Riders) (C2)
Riders @ 2AP 2 (Three Orc Boar Riders) (C2)
Spears @ 2AP 2 (Four Mountain Orcs with Pike) (E2)

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and with element bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.