HOTW01 Walls Bundle - All Five HOT Walls Packs - One Pack is Free 2400mm frontage!

Alternative Armies

SKU: hotw01

Bundle Value Code saving 20%!

There are five different packs of Walls in the HOT Range (HOT56 to HOT60) and this saver bundle gives you a pack of 12 of each of them with the added bonus that you only pay for four of the five packs! Saving 20% off regular price. A great way to get stone, bastion, wooden, stakes and townsfolks possessions for your battlefield. 2,400mm of frontage in 40mm lengths!

Useful in HOTT 2nd Edition to make a stronghold for your army. Can be used in Furioso or DBA, DBM and such games.

Images showing other 15mm and 28mm miniatures are for scale only.